14th April Tea Time!

Habitual vs. Natural

Your habits define your life.

This is because a habit takes its course with almost 0 thought. According to research on the matter, habits can be broken down into 3  phases illustrated bellow:


The first step, the reminder (or trigger) initiates the habit. The second step is the behavior itself, and research has shown that we do this with minimal brain activity. Maybe this is due to repetition which solidifies the action to the point where we no longer need to think about it. The point being that these ‘automatic’ responses actually make up from about 40% of what we do in our daily lives.


On Thursday’s Tea Time, April 14th at 19H,

we will discuss the power of habits in our everyday lives. How we can become more aware of the behaviors that influence the outcome of each and every action, ultimately resulting in our life. This will be an interactive workshop which will move our attention inward and hopefully clarify what paradigms are currently shaping our thoughts and actions through habits.

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