A word on Prix Libre

Some written words on a thing I don’t enjoy mentioning at events; partly because I think it’s a concept that should quickly becoming redundant as its hurting human progress…… that is, Money.

You see even though I don’t like money, I can’t safety abandon it completely unless the rest of the human race does so at the same time. And while I think that time is probably coming, at some point, the reality is we can’t keep doing english stuff without it.

Prix Libre is a concept I came across (with lucie) in a cafe in the North of France (Cafe Savage!)
The cafe displayed the economy on a wall: the real costs of everything (rent, labour, drinks)
They serve you what you ask for.. and there is a box to put money in. Beautifully simple.
I think its more of a philosophy in which the exchange of money is done in an open and honest way. In the end, it always seems necessary for money to change hands, especially in an environment which requires organization, however, in this context we are building a community. To speak and practice english, but also to share ideas, and values, and human connections.
This is something that i am extremely happy to be apart of here in Montpellier. And I’m sure it can continue to grow into something truly great. So lets do that… Together.

Liam Cornwell

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