Thursday March 31st Tea Time!

TT: Effective Communication Salut guys! Next Tea Time would be a pleasure to host at our apartment once again. We will be hosting an old friend from University in Denmark, who is prepared to speak about Nonviolent (peaceful, effective) Communication (An idea developed by Marshall Rosenberg) It’s a nice occasion to speak english, get cultural, […]

A word on Prix Libre

Some written words on a thing I don’t enjoy mentioning at events; partly because I think it’s a concept that should quickly becoming redundant as its hurting human progress…… that is, Money. You see even though I don’t like money, I can’t safety abandon it completely unless the rest of the human race does so […]

TT: Thursday March 17th: Think Global, Act Local P3

Think Global, Act Local! P3 Saint Patrick’s Day Special (Wear something festive!) Hello English Stuff community! Last weeks event ended up being a preparation for the next, and final THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL! You don’t want to miss this event, as we at English Stuff are creating a new structure for the next season, and […]

Tea Time March 9th: Think Global, Act Local P2

Greetings ladies and gents! I think its time we talk food, and drink some tea together. Over the recent TT’s we have met many knowledgable people involved in the Montpellier Métropole local food system. Our last ‘think global, eat local’ tea time before christmas was a great discussion which lead to many good ideas and […]

Thursday Feb 25th, Pyjamas Party!

Holidays are a time for gathering and celebration. Lets do some English Stuff, in our Pyjamas! (show me what you got!) ex: It has been a great pleasure to meet many new people in the last weeks. YOU are all invited to a good time! See you then 😉 19h00! ESM Li & Lu 6 […]

Feb 20th Tea Time! World News

World News! There is so much of it these days.. We live in an era of information. At a time when communication is instantaneous. People all over the world are connected by an invisible web of data. With so much stuff to know about, no wonder we are as confused as ever. Our biology wasn’t […]

FEB 11th Tea Time: Pondering Meditation

Hello People You are all invited for another tea time, for the good laughs, sweet sounds, deliciousness, and comfort of good conversation. You will gain, as will I, more knowledge on meditation & its benefits. Based on some philosophical stuff like the principle: The more you give IT away The more IT comes back (talking […]

Happy new year!

  A happy new year to each one of you! This year is going to be a good one, we can feel it 🙂 New Years is a celebration of change. Change is constant, scary or energizing, it propels us constantly forward into the unknown. Let us grow together, to address and act in favor […]


We now have 4 tea-times recorded in our history of English Stuff. And we have to say that our enthusiasm is just growing bigger and bigger as they go on by! The two previous tea-times that we organized, were themed around the COP21 & the slogan ‘Thinking global, eating / acting local’. And they were ever so great […]