The challenge of our time: CommUNIcate

Situation: You are part of a community gathering of diverse people who come together to share some time,  food, and celebrate life. You and 14 people arrive at a table. 5 of the people have nurtured our need for food by preparing beautiful dishes to share with everyone. When we arrive at the table there are only […]

One world, One family

Hey family! everyone whose participating in the community projects, social workshops, communication courses. I am thrived and filled with hope on this journey with you guys. Discovering ways we can connect our lives and empower lessons of nature and sustainability. This is the story of community. This is the continuation of our personal journeys and […]

Self Empowered Communication : April 5th :

Heyoo ! Its been over two weeks since the last workshops on effective communication and Spring is here! Time to start new projects 🙂 Ive been taking some time to ponder and clarify my intentions and what sort of reaction I want from the gathered attention that these community workshops offer. Volia 😉     […]

Tea Time! March 8th! Empathy

The second social workshop on the topic of effective communication. On Feb. 22nd, we introduced non-violent communication (from the lectures and books written by Marshall Rosenberg). Im glad that many of you found EC or NVC interesting and potentially helpful. The next step in my mind is to continue these tea time discussions every 2 […]

Tea Time! Effective Communication

English Stuff Workshop/ Social event where we will take a look at the language we use in our every day communication and how it effects our relationships, desires, and needs. Inspired by last years workshop by Farid on the works of Marshal Rosenberg. You can get familiar with the ideas by watching this awesome workshop […]

Tea Time! 25.1.17

Tea Time! 20H30 : IMPASSE CHAPTAL If you have never attending these social workshops take a quick look in the TT: Archives to see what sort of things we have talked about. This time I am preparing the topic, but not announcing it… So you’ll just have to come along and find out! 🙂 You […]

Christmas X Storytelling, Myth, & tradition

TT tea time Good after, everybody 🙂 I have been enjoy the community spirit that can be found amongst those i’ve had the pleasure of meeting & those who I have not but certainly will. As suggested by both Ana, and Lucie, the next event with be about Christmas: That colossal holiday which mean so […]

Tea Time! Election Day (U.S.A)

Hello boys and girls, and welcome to English Stuff’s Tea Time. This is were we meet to discuss global affairs that relate to our lives and the dramatic spectacle of history. As im sure you are aware, the mega industrial imperial State (united in some way or another) AMERICA! is selecting the new figure head […]

English Stuff : Tea Time : New Season!!!

Hello folks! its been quite a while since we’ve had the opportunity to get together for some nice conversation, music, tea, smiles, high fives, ect. Well now is the time! English Stuff is back 🙂 , and has developed into a community of like minded individuals, interested to learn/teach each other by sharing their experiences. […]

14th April Tea Time!

Habitual vs. Natural Your habits define your life. This is because a habit takes its course with almost 0 thought. According to research on the matter, habits can be broken down into 3  phases illustrated bellow: The first step, the reminder (or trigger) initiates the habit. The second step is the behavior itself, and research […]