Communication Workshop References

Happy, Healthy, Strong 10 Steps to Peace Spend some time each day reflecting on how we would like to relate to ourselves & others Remember that all human beings have the same basic needs Check our intention to see if we are as interested in others getting their needs met as our own When asking […]


Tea Time: Effective Communication (Marshall Rosenberg) Feb 22, 20:30-1am . Impasse Chaptal Montpellier This evening was my first opportunity to present Non-Violent Communication (inspired by Marshall Rosenberg’s workshops) to the EnglishStuff community and commit to discussing this topic and practicing it together for the next upcoming tea time events. Those who are familiar with my […]

TT: Election Day :: Drumpf

 nov 8 2016 Here we are. Thank you to everybody that came. As always, I am never sure how many people are coming, and this is something I hope to change as I continue to run these events this year. I am looking to make a strong community with a base of 30 or so […]

Habitual vs. Natural : The Power of Habits

Liam Cornwell habit form pdf <– handed out to participates of workshop Habitual vs Natural How often do you think about your habits? a) Write a list of your habits, as many as you can think of in 5 minutes: :you don’t have to share this so rack your brain: How often do you think about […]

A word on Prix Libre

Some written words on a thing I don’t enjoy mentioning at events; partly because I think it’s a concept that should quickly becoming redundant as its hurting human progress…… that is, Money. You see even though I don’t like money, I can’t safety abandon it completely unless the rest of the human race does so […]

TT: Think Global, Eat Local

“EATING IS A AN ECOLOGICAL ACT EATING IS AN ETHICAL ACT EATING IS A POLITICAL ACT” -VANDANA SHIVA Summary of part 1                           1)Industrial Food 2)The Seed Fight (Monsanto’s) 3)Corporate Food Power /TTIP 1) The effect of the industrialization of our food and […]

TT: World News!

“News is not about entertainment. News is about information. News is about giving your audience often uncomfortable truths.” Chris Hedges Today I am bringing to your attention some headlines of 2016. I want you to know that before preparing this presentation the only commercial (t.v) news I watched this year was the minutes before & […]

TT: Meditation & Its Benefits

Meditation; Is It new age bullshit? I can’t remember the first time I heard about meditation, and I think that’s a testament to the way it is publicly received in mainstream conversation and pop culture. Although attitudes seem to be changing. When I first heard of it, It must have seemed underwhelming to me that […]

TT: Think Global, Act Local DOC: FOOD, INC. FOOD “EATING IS A AN ECOLOGICAL ACT EATING IS AN ETHICAL ACT EATING IS A POLITICAL ACT” -VANDANA SHIVA In modern times, In Urban Environments, we have forgotten about agriculture.    Food is presented in plastic, labeled packagings, with colorful pictures, and misleading dietary advice. Think for a moment, how different […]

TT: Climate Games

Ecological Crisis & COP21 December 8th, 2015     I got introduced to the data in this video. However I did double check all the numbers on google, and I recommend you do that as well because you will find more information on each statistic which gives comprehensive understanding of the reality/causes. Im not sure […]