Christmas X Storytelling, Myth, & tradition

TT tea time

footGood after, everybody 🙂

I have been enjoy the community spirit that can be found amongst those i’ve had the pleasure of meeting & those who I have not but certainly will. As suggested by both Ana, and Lucie, the next event with be about Christmas: That colossal holiday which mean so much to so many different people around the world.

The subject(S) will be stories, and hopefully we will all get a chance to tell some and listen.

Which means everyone should bring a story which means something to them about and celebrates something for them at this time of year.

Read this:

“If only they had more time! they could travel freely enough between the planets of their own sun, but they had not yet learned to cross the interstellar gulfs, and the nearest solar system was a hundred light years away. Yet even if they had possessed the secret of the transfinite drive, no more than a few millions could have been saved. Perhaps it was better thus.” (Clarke, Arthur C. 54′)

As for other materials, there will be tea and fruit as always! Everyone welcome!



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