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10 Steps to Peace

  1. Spend some time each day reflecting on how we would like to relate to ourselves & others
  2. Remember that all human beings have the same basic needs
  3. Check our intention to see if we are as interested in others getting their needs met as our own
  4. When asking someone to do something, check first to dee if we are making a request or demand
  5. Instead of saying what we DONT want someone to do, say what we DO want the person to do
  6. Instead of saying what we want someone to BE, say what action(s) we’d like the other person to take that we hope will help the person be that way
  7. Before agreeing or disagreeing with anyones opinion, try to tune into what the person is feeling & needing
  8. Instead of saying NO, say what need of ours prevents us from saying YES
  9. If we are feeling upset, think about what NEED of ours is not being met, and what we can do to meet it. Doing this instead of thinking what is WRONG with ourselves or others, will completely change our reality
  10. Instead of praising or complimenting someone who did something we like, express our gratitude by telling the person what they DID & what need of ours was met by that action.


Wim Hof Method resources:


 Good daily habits that will bring your attention inwards and reinitiate your natural ability to influence your autonomic nervous system / get your mind & emotions ::under you control:  

3 sets of the breathing excersize (timed to increase the rentention on each set)

Pushups with breath held on the forth set

Meditation concenrating behind your forehead : Lights! :

Excersize : Yoga stretches using controlled breathing

Cold Shower : progressively increasing your exposer (start with 30 sec in week one and challenge yourself to do 10 min by week 5!) with control and focus

We are all capable of more than we think; No forcing : Push past your limits and be the master of your health, strength & happiness


Question the premise; that is => what you’ve been told is normal/abnormal, good/bad, right/wrong, natural/unnatural, etc.

Good reading to start you down the rabbit hole of the disillusionment with culture and trusting your own direct experience. To live authentically:

Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan & Cacild  (liberate your mind from cultural values that deny & vilify our natural sexual and relational impulses)

Archaic Revival by Terence Mckenna

Terence Mckenna was a raving speaker who highlights many ideas invovling drugs and cullture. I recomend listening to his lectures:


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