Self Empowered Communication : April 5th :

Heyoo !
Its been over two weeks since the last workshops on effective communication and Spring is here!rosenberg

Time to start new projects 🙂
Ive been taking some time to ponder and clarify my intentions and what sort of reaction I want from the gathered attention that these community workshops offer.
Volia 😉         April 5th   20:30    Impasse Chaptal

-Take a moment to reflect on how we relate with ourselves/others

-Feel the deep power with; Our profound control of our physical and mental state ( breath )
-Discuss effective communication and improve in a practical way (at least one take away lesson/practice from an awareness of our needs & others needs)

-Courage and Openness to express ones thoughts, feelings, and needs (if we can become more aware of them from moment to moment) while productively enhancing or connective communication.
Everyone is invited on this journey!
For those of you who are not as familiar with English stuff, you can find content from earlier Workshops in the archives at
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Come along… we, like the rest of nature, don’t grow alone.

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