Tea Time! 25.1.17


If you have never attending these social workshops take a quick look in the TT: Archives to see what sort of things we have talked about.

This time I am preparing the topic, but not announcing it… So you’ll just have to come along and find out! 🙂

You can expect laughs, tea, talking, and exploration of ideas. These group discussions are perfect opportunities for you to challenge yourself and think deeply about society, culture, and change.

Everyone is welcome!

The event is Prix Libre, and your participation is greatly appreciated. I’ve had the pleasure to host so many fantastic people over the year I’ve been doing this and that is the reason I keep doing it. However I am not very rich as a foreign student, and I do spend around 10 euros each tea time, so any contribution would go along way to help me keep developing this project !

See you Soon!


Liam Cornwell

Don't get a big head, your just a curious monkey....