Tea Time! Election Day (U.S.A)

Hello boys and girls, and welcome to English Stuff's Tea Time. This is were we meet to discuss global affairs that relate to our lives and the dramatic spectacle of history.

As im sure you are aware, the mega industrial imperial State (united in some way or another) AMERICA! is selecting the new figure head of there country and the whole world is being dragged along by this miserable spectacle.
"On the one hand you have a dangerous, barbaric, ruthless, corrupt, brutal man... and then the Republicans have had Donald Drumpf, whose like G.W. Bush but he expresses his lack of intelligence with more self confidence." -AwakenWithJP

As someone who was following the Democratic Primary race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton with misplaced optimism, I now think it is appropriate to have a large discussion on Modern Democracies in general, across the board.

I would like to invite you to the first serious Tea Time of this year, and from there we can explore and learn together, how to confront these changes, and move from inspiration to impact.

Confirm your attendance!!

Liam Cornwell

Don't get a big head, your just a curious monkey....