Tea Time March 9th: Think Global, Act Local P2

Greetings ladies and gents!
I think its time we talk food, and drink some tea together.
Over the recent TT’s we have met many knowledgable people involved in the Montpellier MĂ©tropole local food system.
Our last ‘think global, eat local’ tea time before christmas was a great discussion which lead to many good ideas and actions.
Its time to refresh our enthusiasm and learn a thing or two about the food around us.
New location!! We are mixing it up a little by taking EnglishStuff to a place full of local spirit (11 Rue Desmazes, near Gambetta)
Bring your friends! Lets have a good time 🙂


Wednesday March 9th, 2016. 19H

Liam Cornwell

Don't get a big head, your just a curious monkey....