Tea Time! March 8th! Empathy

The second social workshop on the topic of effective communication. On Feb. 22nd, we introduced non-violent communication (from the lectures and books written by Marshall Rosenberg).
Im glad that many of you found EC or NVC interesting and potentially helpful. The next step in my mind is to continue these tea time discussions every 2 weeks and explore deeper the different aspects of this way of thinking and communicating.
So, on March 8th, from 20:30, we will explore more the importance of making Empathetic Connections and how we can use this tool to understand the pain and suffering of others, and heal with our presence and our attention. It helps all conflict resolution processes if we first start with this empathetic connection, connecting to the feelings and needs of others.
But there may still be some confusion surrounding how we actually do this effectively and that is what we will try to demystify on Wednesday.

See you then 😉
Where? Impasse Chaptal
When? 20:30, 8th of March (Mars)
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Liam Cornwell

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