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Ecological Crisis & COP21

December 8th, 2015

I got introduced to the data in this video. However I did double check all the numbers on google, and I recommend you do that as well because you will find more information on each statistic which gives comprehensive understanding of the reality/causes.
Im not sure how many people here know how dire and severe the ecological crisis is from a scientific perspective, so I'm going to read some of the bleak reports that are coming in and see how much of the ‘climate crisis’ is common knowledge
How many people know how many specie go extinct every day according to scientific estimates?
(PICTURE) currently 150-200 a day go extinct. More ‘new’ species are discovered every year but these are simply new to humans.
This rate is nearly 1,000 times the "natural" or "background" rate before humans. according to fossil records, and is greater than anything the world has experienced since the vanishing of the dinosaurs nearly 65m years ago.
It is estimated that there are 8 million species on earth, so if you do the math, that means in 150 to 200 years there will be so species left on earth.
Thats what is happening right now as a result of humans unbalanced consumption of the planets resources.
Deforestation is a major factor. (PICTURE)
How many people know how many trees are cut down each year
It is estimated that 15 billion trees per year are being cut down. The total amount of trees on earth has fallen by 46% since the dawn of human civilizationIn. Tropical regions are the most effected at the moment, like the Amazon rain forrest, which could quite literally be considered the lungs of the planet, Unbelievably, more than 81,000 Hectares of rainforest are burned down every day.. During the past 40 years, close to 20 percent of the Amazon rain forest has been cut down—more than in all the previous 450 years since European colonization began.
One big reason rainforests are being destroyed is for beef. The land is set on fire in order to get rid of the trees. Some of the cleared land is then turned into grass pastures for cows. A bigger part is cleared for soybean farms which are in demand mainly to feed animals who will be consumed by humans. You have to feed an animal 10 times the amount of food than it actually produces when you kill it. So being a vegetarian is a good idea for the planet, and your health, but I digress.
Do people here know how acidic the oceans are today?
(picture) The Oceans are 30% more acidic than they were 40 years ago.
That is because they absorb a large amount of the CO2 that humans emit. (Picture)
At the moment the temperature on the planet is rising at such a rate, that it is estimated by main stream scientist that by 2100, which is 85 years from now, the climate will be 3.5-6 C warmer. But that might be conservative because they now recognize that this process could be accelerated (sped up) by other factors.
The most dangerous one lies in the Arctic.
Does anyone know about the methane frozen under the Arctic?
Scientist have recently discovered that hundreds of mega tons of Methane gas, which is 20-30 times more potent as a heat trapping gas than CO2, is frozen under the Arctic right now. (picture)
The arctic is warming 4 times fast than the rest of the planet.
“This is the single greatest danger to the survival of humanity and also the survival of potentially all life on the planet.
A global heating “runaway” (Picture) EXPLAIN
We know mass extinction from this is possible- because its happened two times before.
250 million years ago 95% of all life was wiped out, and a similar cycle happen again 55 million years ago at the end of the dinosaurs. Current research confirms both of these extinction events were driven by very large emissions of carbon to the atmosphere.”
So, this information is a little bit extreme and depressing, but it is important to be aware of the actual state our planet, because we should be asking ourselves what can we do. We, as a the only species on this earth who is able to comprehend this information and understand what it means, should be focusing our resources and innovation on counter acting this global problem.
Who here thinks that this is what is going on in Paris right now?
(double check all numbers)
cop21 was created by the united nations 21 years ago, made up of 91 countries
for 21 years its been hosted in different countries each year.
this year its here, in FRANCE.
Interesting Fact***
20% of the money that finance COP21 comes from private must nationals companies such as:
Shell, Total, ENGIE (GDF), Coca cola, Renauld, ect.
These companies pay to participate in the discussion for finding solutions. However since a corporations sole goal is to expand its profit, they push fake solutions which will not solve anything. I dont really want to spend to much time talking about exactly what false solutions they present but I printed off this paper which covers in really well and is interesting so feel free to look at it
3 problems of COP 21
1) The objectives are declining in their ambition/ impact. At the start of COP they set high goals and didn't follow through. now they dont even bother setting high objectives.
example. the time frame in which they have to act is growing (by 2050..)
2) The idea COP was for all countries and people to come together and find solutions to the climates planet. However money clearly
However more power state have great voices in the discussion. For example, if the USA chooses not to sign certain agreements, it discourages its ‘ally’ countries to do the same.
3) if a country signs and agrees to implement certain changes, and doesn't follow through, there are no consequence. No real incentive .
3p2) The problems that they do discuss at COP are just the tip of the iceberg. They is no talks about cooling the arctic to prevent the incoming catastrophe.
COP is actually making the situation worse because its like a smoke screen. It pretends to solve the problem, and therefore most people dont think about. But A Real Solution Will not Come From governments and corporations in the current model.
Climate Justice (invisible victims)
right now there are 22 million climate refugees who have lost their homes due to climate change. Its mostly the pacific islands and other poorer regions that have been hurt the most so far, they don’t get the profit from the destruction of the planet but they feel the strongest effects.
there are 2x more climate refugees than refugees of war at the moment.
and if things continue as they are in a few decades there will be one human per second who will die as a result of climate change. There is no court to judge and condemn those who are responsible for these victims.
example: genocide is a crime against humanity which is judged and punished.
ecologocide should be regarded in the same way as the planet host all life and to destruction of the planet should be the highest global crime.
In the end, this planet will still be a planet. It will still exist, and spin around the sun, the season will change from summer to winter even if we or any life for that matter, dont exist. But it will be just like every other piece of rock out there, in the void. What makes this planet so awesome right now, is that it is hosting consciousness. People. Who according to quantum physics, literally animates the universe into have a reality, instead of just being a waves of possibilities (but thats a topic for a different day I think). this is why we should fight for it.
-random meetups in public spaces to converse, and enjoy existing together
-Music Therapy for the world. Positive Protest through organized musical jam sessions in public spaces which disrupts the business as usual attitude of banks, energy companies, ect.

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