What happened on December 21st, 2012 ???


That is what we, the ‘surviving’ members of 2016, would be inclined to say. “Nothing is going to happen” is what I assured my mother on that night after I reminded her that we were 3 hours from the 22nd.

This business of dooms day predictions, which has been an enterprise of swindling self proclaiming prophets coupled with the disaster fetishization and  sensationalization of western culture through hollywood films and so on, this business played like a joke to me and my friends. In 2010, we declared ourselves The 2012 Survival Team, and prepared for the worst by making a Facebook page (with 300 likes, missing the 2012 goal by quite some margin) and obsessively playing online video games together which trained our hand eye coordination and effectivity of degrading jokes in the comfort of our separate living rooms.

So 2012 came and went. I was off starting University in a new city, governments where conducting further ideological military imperialism, energy companies where prospecting for new natural resources to exploit, bankers where continuing to trade bits of information at high speed for huge rewards, and huge risk for the ones waking up to practical jobs needing doing, who themselves may have been planning the weekend bash or future brief holiday escapes. Business as usual.

Well it is after this point that I began to intercept some funny ideas. Visions of travel & exploration of the outer and inner world. I started a big journey, and listened (through new forms of technical communication) to niche ideas that emerge when everybody is connected to everybody. From the safety of the road, and vantage of slightly different cultures still resonating western values, I began to encounter counter culture, counter politics, counter history, and questions unravelling everything I thought I knew. The topic of drugs particularly was soberly reiterated in less stigmatized language like plants, and medicines, and teachers. I began to wonder if the game was up. If it was time to through down the hand that I was unknowingly dealt.

I was spending my time tending to other peoples land in exchange for accommodation. Getting high only on fresh air and the space to explore ideas that were completely new to me: Joe Rogan (the JRE brings hundreds of comedians, philosophers, researchers, scientist, journalist, ect. into a spot light in 3 hour sessions), Duncan Trussell’s funny spiritual rants, Terence Mckenna’s shamanic wordsmithing self empowerment, Graham Hancock’s suggestion that history needs a reexamination after a collective amnesia which may still keep us in the dark in regards to our origines. Stoned Ape theory, Forgotten advanced pre-historic civilizations….(Playlist reference) These sort of ideas were quite a fair bit of fun to play with and roll over in my mind. Of course the further into the fringes you delve, the more you feel as if you need to balance the scale by digging into cemented science. But cement isn’t meant to be dug into, your suppose to just build on top.

Somewhere in this mix I began to hear about the tide of changing and accelerating consciousness. Some call it a paradigm shift, others a singularity, or the transcendantal object at the end of time, whatever. The concept seems to arise out of a desperate need to balance the result of our actions. To feel what it is we are doing to ourselves, on different parts of the planet and the planet itself (or herself >:)

So, returning to the Mayan calendar, which I never knew a lick about (but found it unremarkable that it should have an end point early in my life time since their civilization was around from 75fingerprints-of-the-gods0 BC to A.D 900 and couldn’t physically make a calendar that went of forever). On December 21st 2012, I didn’t know that the ‘Mayan Calendar’ is shrouded in all sorts of mysteries. That it’s start date was in the year 3114 BC and its end date on a winter solstice; It calculated the solar year at 365.2420 days, a minus error of only 0.0002 of a day. And perhaps even that the Mayan’s where not the creators but the inheritors of this calendar and astrological calculation from an older advanced civilization of which finger prints are still being uncovered today. (1)




Another complementary funny idea was the theory of time wave zero which claimed to predict of the past and future fluctuations of novelty over time. A theory that was derived from the Iching and mapped cycles of time condensing at a faster and faster rate production greater novelty in the Universe.timewave 0 This arrived (perhaps contrived) at December 21st 2012 as “the end point of history” where we should have passed some threshold into infinite novelty which would be incomprehensible to us. (2)





Well these are funny ideas to ponder from a retrospective, innately debunking, year of 2016. 4 years after that mysterious date we can tell that we are not operating on a new dimensional plane. Obama was re-elected. Drumpf could be next (or not). But see how the mind is always disappointed when a dramatic climax doesn’t arrive in a single foreseeable moment. The world didn’t blow up instantly, we didn’t feel anything, everything is still the same, move along as usual… But is it?

I can’t tell because I am certainly not the same.

“The revolution will not be televised.” That is pretty clear in the literal sense after watching corporate media coerce information through now archaic top down communication structures. But what if a paradigm shift was not inherit on the sensory plane. What if our human desire to have things happen fast and in front of our eyes was a testament to our relative short existences, and not in line with cosmic gear shifting. We likely will never have a day marked on our calendar reminding us that the world will turn upside down, or right side up. But “Chaos is the wind that blows the sails of paradigm shift”, and if you see the shore, i’d think you better get off your ass and paddle.

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1) http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/egipto/fingerprintgods/fingerprintgods05.htm
2) http://www.fractal-timewave.com/
Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRK8qhuniJQ&list=PL5aMuy53hGH6U2hsc7QcTCK8Yrv4hp8pA

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