Why the Lézardiaire is a Good Habit

The Lézardiaire is a Music Social Club which goes ‘on air’ every Friday and Sunday night in Montpellier. As I understand it the Lézardiaire is basically a play ground for musicians to commune together in sound. Completely open, free, and groovy.

The Lézardiaire is a good habit for everyone to have because it’s heart beats to the sounds of music all night long, and music is something that connects us all. Everyone can join in no matter your musical skill level, and it is a fantastic why to train your ear.

I played very little music before landing in Montpellier. However after discovering the Lézardiaire with some musical friends met in Parc Peyrou, I discovered how to lose yourself in the jam and improvise. It is something that touches us on a deeper level and is incredibly fun and natural… Or maybe it’s just a new habit i’ve developed.

Regardless, Music is the most effective way to bring large groups of people together. That is why we evolved to communicate on the emotional level of music, in parallel with our intellectual use of language. It a far quicker way to the mass cooperation necessary from civilizations, and perhaps the key to uniting an emerging global culture. In this respect participation is the key.

The formula of habit formation is: Trigger –> Behavior –> Reward

We can use our will most effectively to choose the trigger and reward.


Trigger the sound within you and the reward will be felt by everyone involved.

-Liam Cornwell


38, avenue St Lazare, 34000 Montpellier. Friday & Sunday from 20H onward.



Liam Cornwell

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